قطعة – 622


That area Characteristics by its strategic location because it is located between Fayoum Rd and Al-Wahat Rd, it will see giant developments during that short coming period later, and number of geographical changes.
Passing through Zewail University of Science and Technology - the tourist capital Sun Capital - Mall of Egypt - Media Production City
-and the ring rd
- High-speed rail (October El-Alamein) - and the new tourist road until the new entrance gates
To the pyramids and the Grand Egyptian Museum
Project no. 622 is characterized by located on 30 m street, landscape, and its near to the main street, with duple face front and on a corner of street. وذات واجهتين  أمامية وناصية
With a unique division, the lowest load factor, with the best use of spaces
Variety internal division according to the choice of each customer ————————————————————————————————————–
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Recurring Apartment

Duplex 1

Duplex 2